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Miguel Horta, “Negative Income Tax in Portugal [Negative Income Tax em Portugal]”

  Abtract:”The NIT – Negative Income Tax – is a wealth redistribution system. It works through a tax which reaches for a part of the richest population wealth and distributes it through all others, in an automatic and unconditional fashion. This means no questions asked and no job seeking requirement, but also without introducing a disincentive to work.   This

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PORTUGAL: Social movements and political party together for basic income

A few days after the party Syriza won the elections in Greece, political movements and parties are stirring in other southern European countries, like Portugal. LIVRE, a recently founded party within the Portuguese political arena, has joined efforts with three other political citizen movements, Forum Manifesto, MIC Porto and Renovação Comunista, and organized a large convention that was held on

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Roberto Merrill, "Pré-distribuição [Pre-distribution]"

The author distinguishes “weak” and “strong” (economic) pre-distribution. The former amounts fairly to what already exists in some countries (welfare state); the latter consists in the unconditional basic income (UBI). The article defends that it is the “strong” pre-distribution which may more drastically promote social equality, justice and freedom. Language: Portuguese Roberto Merrill, “Pré-distribuição [Pre-distribution]“, Económico (online), September 19 2014

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