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Scott Santens, “Guess what happened when Liberia tested a pilot program of cash transfers to the extreme poor in Bomi”

  Scott Santens reports on a recently completed basic income pilot in Liberia. Results closely follow other cash transfer programs, as money expenditure goes mainly to food, followed by school, housing, health, savings and clothing. Still according to the referred pilot study, one third of the recipients started businesses of their own, and the sharing of money and food grew.

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Ben Southwood, “We’ve actually tried negative income taxes, and they seem to work.”

The Adam Smith institute, self-describing as being ‘at the forefront of making the case for free markets and a free society in the United Kingdom,’ recently drew attention to desirability of a Negative Income Tax, by reclaiming the 1970s experiments on it in USA. Ben Southwood, “We’ve actually tried negative income taxes, and they seem to work ” Adam Smith

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Discussion of a Possible Basic Income Pilot Project in the Netherlands

Guy Standing, honorary co-President of BIEN, visited Groningen, Netherlands in the last week of January 2015 to discussing with locals the possibility of launching a pilot basic income scheme around there. He does not know yet whether the project will happen, but he says, the group seems very grounded, and the man on the council in charge of social policy

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NAMIBIA: Basic Income Program Returns to Otjivero

A basic income pilot project, originally implemented in 2008, has just been re started. The project in the Otjivero-Omitara settlement of the Steinhausen Constiuency in Namibia had been providing all residents living in the settlement since 2007 with $100 per person per month, without any conditions attached. The initial pilot program stopped in June 2013, when the funds provided by

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