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Alternative Models Considered for Finland’s BI Pilot

Last November, Finland’s plans to test a basic income caught the attention of international media. Although the experiments are still some months away (scheduled to begin in 2017), the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (KELA) has continued to make strides in investigating the possibilities for a basic income. KELA has recently published a working paper that reviews the current state of

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Netherlands: International Congress on Basic Income Experiments, Maastricht

On 30 January 2016, BasisInkomen, the Dutch association for a basic income, hosted the International Congress on Basic Income Experiments in Maastricht, Netherlands, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This was an opportunity for those interested in the idea of a basic income to come together to reflect on recent developments – particularly in the Netherlands, Finland and France – and

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Lessons from Finland: think BIG but act with pragmatism

By Otto Lehto People have different ideas on what society should look like, but they can still agree that a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) is a good idea. The struggle for BIG should be the struggle for a specific policy measure, not for a utopian ideal. We are trying to make BIG a reality. That’s it. We are engaged in

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PARIS, France: UBI experiment in Brazil, 4 November

ReCivitas have experimented a basic income pilot project in Quantinga Velho, Brazil since 2008. The delegation of ReCivitas is on tour in Europe, and will join a discussion in Paris. The date: Wednesday 4 November 2015 The time: 19.30- The Venue:Terre Solidaire (12 rue Guy de la Brosse, metro Jussieu). The detail can be found here (in French). There will also

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