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Manning, Lowell “The Manning plan for permanent debt reduction in the national economy”

Summary, “A low risk politically acceptable and practical way to resolve the world debt crisis without sudden or radical change to the world’s financial system is presented. It is worked out for conditions in New Zealand. Applicable to any economy, it includes the introduction of Universal Basic Income (UBI), Debt Jubilee Income (DJI), and “Quantitative Easing” and takes non-debtors’ interests

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Reilly, Amanda (2012), “Time, Work and Law: a New Zealand Perspective”

ABSTRACT: New Zealand is popularly perceived as a laid back place where individuals might choose to live to enjoy a slower paced life style. However the reality is that New Zealanders work some of the longest days and the most hours per annum in the OECD. In this article it is argued that existing legal mechanisms for limiting work time

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NEW ZEALAND: Treasury produces a report on “a Guaranteed Minimum Income”

The Welfare Working Group requested Treasury to model a specific Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) scheme for New Zealand. As a result Treasury published an assessment for a universal and unconditional payment of $300 per week to all individuals aged 16 years and over, extra to those families with children. Treasury concludes that tax and equity implications of a New Zealand-specific

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NEW ZEALAND: Proposal for a BIG funded by capital taxation

According to the New Zealand Herald, “Economist and fund manager Gareth Morgan, who is a member of the Tax Working Group, has proposed a radical tax restructure to the group’s final public conference that would impose a Comprehensive Capital Tax (CCT) on all land, buildings, plant and equipment to raise NZ$19 billion. This money would then be used to create

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