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Pennies from Heaven by Jess Berentson-Shaw and Gareth Morgan

Photo: Christine Cornege Dr. Jess Berentson-Shaw, a science researcher, has co-written a book with Dr. Gareth Morgan entitled Pennies from Heaven, which advocates implementing a UBI for lower income families. Berentson-Shaw has a PhD in Health Science from Victoria University, and works for the Morgan Foundation with Dr. Gareth Morgan, an economist and public policy analyst. The Morgan Foundation is

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Christchurch, NZ councilor and economist Raf Manji advocates Basic Income

Raf Manji, a Christchurch City Councillor, has promoted a universal basic income in recent media appearances, including an interview on Radio New Zealand and a TEDx talk in Christchurch. He sees basic income as part of a new social contract, arguing that we need to reconceive the idea of citizenship.

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NEW ZEALAND: Labour Party considers Universal Basic Income

Andrew Little at WelTec. Credit to: Stuff.co.nz.   Following the lead of countries like Finland, Netherlands and Canada, New Zealand is now making its first steps towards a basic income. In a recent Stuff news article, Andrew Little, leader of the Labour Party, the second largest party in the New Zealand’s parliament, says Labour is considering a basic income. This

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NEW ZEALAND: Basic Income activists on the rise in New Zealand

Activism for Basic Income (BI) in New Zealand is growing fast and gaining visibility. The new group BINZ – Basic Income New Zealand – is setting up actions to “bring the ‘universal basic income’ to the forefront of New Zealand’s public awareness”. It has been already formalized with an incorporation status under New Zealand law, and submitted an affiliation request

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