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Basic income: the post social democratic economic pathway for the 21st century

The 20th century was the century of social democracy in Western Europe. Nowadays the social democratic model of the welfare state is in deep crisis. This model, in which paid work is central, full (male) employment is the norm and social benefits are dependent on one’s performance in paid work is no longer working. Economic changes have accelerated the declining membership of unions. The strength of the various social democratic parties is thus structurally eroded. This opens the way for basic income as the economic model for the 21st century.

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NETHERLANDS: A Proposal for National Basic Income Sent to the Lower House of Parliament

On February 15, 2016, Norbert Klein of the Vrijzinnige Partij (Liberal Party) issued a press release detailing the initiative that he proposed to the Lower House of Parliament on January 26, 2015 in order to put basic income on the national agenda in the Netherlands. Klein notes that, “more and more local, regional initiatives are being developed for certain forms

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Chris Weller, “This guy gets a $1,100 per month ‘basic income’ for doing absolutely nothing”

This article describes the recent experience of Frans Kerver, a Dutch man who in July 2015 began receiving an unconditional basic income (UBI) from MIES, an organization that promotes basic income in the Netherlands.   According to the article, Kerver was working 12 hours a day before he was selected for the 12-month grant of $1,100 each month. The article has

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Netherlands: International Congress on Basic Income Experiments, Maastricht

On 30 January 2016, BasisInkomen, the Dutch association for a basic income, hosted the International Congress on Basic Income Experiments in Maastricht, Netherlands, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This was an opportunity for those interested in the idea of a basic income to come together to reflect on recent developments – particularly in the Netherlands, Finland and France – and

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Call for papers on basic income for ESPAnet 2016 conference, Netherlands

A panel on “The Basic Income imperative: rethinking equality, inclusion and social innovation across Europe” will be held at the 2016 conference of the European Network for Social Policy Analysis (ESPAnet), September 1-3, Rotterdam, Netherlands. The panel is convened by Bettina Leibetseder (Johannes Kepler University, Austria) and Jurgen De Wispelaere (University of Tampere, Finland). The call for papers is open

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