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CANADA: New basic income documentary launches crowdfunding campaign

A crowdfunding campaign was just launched for the new documentary, “The Mincome Experiment”. Kreytor, a recent web platform designed for “showcasing, curating and crowdfunding creative work” launched the campaign on May 1st, 2017, only five years after the platform was created by the documentary producer Vincent Santiago, an independent artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). Over the last five years Vincent

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CANADA: Council of small town Smiths Falls rejects basic income trial, residents disagree

Councilors of the small Ontario town of Smiths Falls voted on December 19 last year to reject participation in its province’s basic income pilot, to the objection of residents and the town’s mayor. A petition requesting a re-vote is currently circulating online. The story begins, however, in 2008. That year The Hershey Company shuttered its Canada operations, at the time

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MANITOBA, CANADA: Winnipeg Harvest pushes for basic income

Since March 2016, the food bank Winnipeg Harvest has been advocating for a basic income, which it hopes to be a central issue in the Manitoba provincial election to be held on April 19th. Executive director David Northcott believes that the policy should be considered as a way to mitigate the effects of rising food prices. Reporter Jill Coubrough quotes

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