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Video link: Large demonstration for BIG in Rome, 2003

The BIN-Italia website has a short video of a demonstration on November 22, 2003 when more than 50.000 people in Rome demonstrated for a guaranteed income. According to BIN-Italian, “Usually in all the demonstration the guaranteed income are one of the request from the people, social movement, precarious worker etc. But this short movie shows the largest demonstration in Italy just for a guaranteed income.”

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PISA, Italy, November 26th, 2011 “Welfare and guaranteed income”

An organization called Tilt Camp held a public meeting, entitled “Welfare and guaranteed income for tomorrow’s Italy,” in Pisa from 3 to 6pm on Saturday 26th of November. Speakers included: Giulio Marcon (Sbilanciamoci), Luca Santini (BIN Italy), Arturo di Corinto (journalist), Claudia Pratelli (Il nostro tempo è adesso. La vita non aspetta), Roberto Ciccarelli (Manifesto), Maria La Porta (Sportello Donna),

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Basic Income Italia writes a letter to Italian PM Mario Monti

The Italian basic income network BIN-Italy wrote an open letter to the new Prime Minister Mario Monti, and the new Minister for Labour and Social Policy Elsa Fornero. In this letter, BIN-Italia urges the Italian government to implement an unconditional guaranteed income. This is meant to avoid the risk of “default of citizenship rights”, and allow Italy to meet the

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ITALY: Activist Movement for basic income

The Basic Income Network of Italy (BIN Italia) reports on recent struggles for a minimum guaranteed income in Italy. According to BIN Italia, the local government of the Lazio Region (which includes Rome) recently approved a law for an income guarantee for the unemployed and precarious. Funding for the new program has been inadequate, and there were demonstrations in Rome

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