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BERLIN, GERMANY: Moving Towards Degrowth, July 26

On Tuesday, July 26, Berlin Basic Income will be hosting a lecture by Stefan Füsers, a member of the executive council of the German Basic Income Network and a founding member of Unconditional Basic Income Europe. Füsers, who is also a long-time advocate of sustainable development and climate-change awareness, will be speaking on the topic of degrowth.

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GERMANY: The Topic of Basic Income will Determine Elections by 2021

Original article published in SPREEZEITUNG, January 11th, 2016, written by Ursula Pidun. Translation by Jessica Rafka. Discussions about an unconditional basic income have been around for a while. But this topic is not picking up steam. What are the reasons for this, and why are unions and political parties still very much against a basic income? We will be discussing

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Maximilian Sommer, “A Feasible Basic Income Scheme for Germany”

Economist Maximilian Sommer (Katholische Universität Eichstätt – Ingolstadt) has published a book-length investigation into a financially feasible basic income scheme for Germany, encompassing arguments for an unconditional basic income, implementation details, and anticipated consequences of the policy. The model that Sommer proposes is based on a negative income tax. From the publisher’s description: “This book analyzes the consequences that would arise if

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GERMANY: Basic Income initiatives in Europe in the leading magazine “Der Spiegel”

Daniel Häni. Credit to: The Establishment. Within the past two months, the well-known German magazine Der Spiegel has published two comprehensive articles about Basic Income. The December 25th edition of Der Spiegel contains an article that discusses models of Basic Income and the current popular initiative in Switzerland, as well as some calculations on the cost of introducing it in

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My libertarian-socialist working feeling

by Rainer Ammermann Much can be said about the possible links between the current refugee influx to Germany and the idea of unconditional basic income. Now, I want to highlight just one obvious intersection: thousands spend countless hours to build and maintain a support infrastructure for refugees independent from public services. They are not paid and they do in part

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Robin Jessen, Davud Rostam-Afschar, and Viktor Steiner, “Welche Effekte hätte ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen für Deutschland?” [What effects would a Basic Income have for Germany?]

                          This article presents a proposal for how basic income could work in Germany. An Unconditional Basic Income of 800 € per month and adult person (corresponding to the actual, conditional social transfer payments, above all the Hartz IV payments) could be financed by a flat tax of

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