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EUROPEAN UNION: Unconditional Basic Income Europe Works with New Democracy Movement

In early February, members of Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) attended the launch of a new European movement for democracy named “DiEM25” and key speakers like Katja Kipping from the German Left Party and Caroline Lucas from the UK Greens called for a basic income to be one of the key demands for the new movement.  Many of those in

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Opinion: Basic Income strengthens Soft Power

In general terms, power is “to make someone want what you want”. You can use hard power – physical force or punitive measures, such as economic sanctions – to achieve this goal. However, there is another way – you can appeal to the reason of those, whose behaviour you want to change, by rewarding (sometimes seducing or bribing) means. The

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Social Agenda, Marianne Thyssen, “Job creation and a fairer society”

New EU Commissioner, Marianne Thyssen, in an interview for Social Agenda magazine is asked “How can the EU Economic and Monetary Union become more social?” answering, in part “We should think in terms of minimum standards. For example, having a minimum income in every EU country, based on a reference budget.” Social Agenda, “Marianne Thyssen, job creation and a fairer

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