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Kyoto JAPAN: Symposium on Basic Income for Degrowth, on 11th September 2016

The Forum on Shrinking Society is hosting its 35th symposium on 11 September 2016. The symposium’s theme is Unconditional Basic Income for Shrinking Society.   Time of Symposium: 13:30-19:15 (UTC+9) 11 September 2016   Venue: Lecture room 3, New Building of Faculty of Letters Yoshida (main) campus, Kyoto University (Number 8 on this map)   Speakers: Toru Yamamori Kimio Ito

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Basic Income, sustainable consumption and the ‘DeGrowth’ movement  

The Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative conference is dedicated to interdisciplinary study of consumption and the ecological impact of that consumption. They take seriously the threat of climate change and posed strong questions about the ways that our consumption decisions are driven by corporate culture and social planning.

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BERLIN, GERMANY: Moving Towards Degrowth, July 26

On Tuesday, July 26, Berlin Basic Income will be hosting a lecture by Stefan Füsers, a member of the executive council of the German Basic Income Network and a founding member of Unconditional Basic Income Europe. Füsers, who is also a long-time advocate of sustainable development and climate-change awareness, will be speaking on the topic of degrowth.

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