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BIEN Stories: Malcolm Torry

Malcolm Torry – “My Basic Income Story” Almost exactly forty years ago, I left university, got married, and started work in Brixton, in South London, administering means-tested benefits. I spent two years on the public counter: and it didn’t take long to understand how inefficient, degrading, and disincentivising means-tested benefits were. After two years I left to train for the

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Review of the RSA report on Universal Basic Income

Anthony Painter and Chris Thoung, Creative Citizen, Creative State – The principled and pragmatic case for a Universal Basic Income. Report published by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), December 2015. This report from the RSA is a most welcome addition to the recent flurry of publications and media interest in Citizen’s Income. It outlines a context – technological change –

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VIDEO: Malcolm Torry: two YouTube videos on Basic Income

Malcolm Torry, head of Britain’s BIEN affiliate, the Citizen’s Income Trust and author of the book, Money for Everyone: Why we need a Citizen’s Income, has two videos on YouTube discussing his book. The two videos are online at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDpAz_KOcgo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_iAehEKjxg

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