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VIDEO: Rudy Karsan on Meaningful Work and Entitlement to a Universal Basic Income

Rudy Karsan, co-founder and former CEO of the former human resource software company Kenexa (sold to IBM in 2012) recently held a TEDx talk in Calgary where he advocated a universal basic income as a means of stimulating innovation. “We are in the golden age of our species,” Karsan begins his talk. He argues that we already have multiple solutions

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CANADA: Food Bank Canada recommends creating a national basic income to curb the “unacceptably high” reliance on food banks

A CBC news report offers a clarion call regarding the increasing demand being placed upon Canadian food banks who are attempting to address the hunger and nutritional needs of Canada’s most vulnerable citizens.  Surely there is no better reason for a BI than the need for food banks in one of the richest nations on the planet? Food Banks Canada,

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Money for Nothing – it Sounds Like a Utopia

The London-based Apolitical website’s article on basic income (BI) opens with “Money for nothing – it sounds like a utopia” and then looks at some examples of BI concepts that have already been applied around the world. This phrase, “money for nothing” represents a commonly held bias that, when there is no commodity returned for the money, whether that commodity

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