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BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: New agreement between Democrats and Greens in British Columbia looks forward to a basic income pilot

John Horgan and Andrew Weaver. Credit to: British Columbia New Democratic Party.   Since the 30th of May 2017 that British Columbia (BC) political parties NDP (New Democratic Party) and Greens have an agreement signed to collaborate in the present regional legislature, which can be read in the NDP webpage. This comes after an historical regional election process which saw

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CANADA: Vancouver based non-profit, the New Leaf Project, is starting an unconditional cash transfer pilot study this Summer

Claire Williams and Frans Tjallingii A new non-profit organization named the New Leaf Project (NLP) is on the verge of starting a direct unconditional cash transfer program in Vancouver, Canada. This program, designed as a test pilot, is set to start in late summer, and will disburse a one-time cash grant of 7500 CAN$ to 50 recently homeless people.  

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