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US: White House roundtable discusses basic income

On July 5, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough hosted a roundtable conversation on automation, featuring Robin Chase and Martin Ford. Both Chase and Ford describe the need for a universal basic income; Chase views UBI as presently needed to free people from unnecessary jobs and facilitate a more freelance-base economy, while Ford sees it as a measure that will eventually become necessary as jobs are displaced due to technology.

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UNITED STATES: Ex-CIA officer Bryan Wright proposes data mining royalties

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright says that the “smart spies” all recognized that, within the lifetimes, many would be “out of a job, too old to re-train, or struggling in a ‘shared economy’” due to automation. In an article in Congress Blog, the “forum for lawmakers and policy professionals” at The Hill, Wright describes the problem and proposes a

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Chris Weller, “Giving people free money could be the only solution when robots finally take our jobs”

In recent months, Basic Income News has covered multiple articles that explore basic income as a solution to the unemployment expected to result due to further automation of labor. (See, for example, here, here, and here.) Meanwhile, events of just the past few days prove that worries about automation are not going away any time soon: Foxconn (a supplier for Apple and Samsung) reported

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Bryan Dean Wright, “Op-Ed Robots are coming for your job”

This op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times proposes “a Data Mining Royalties Fund.” According to the author, ” In short, I’m proposing that companies pay a royalty to a permanent federal fund when they mine and sell personal data.  From those proceeds would flow a yearly check, similar to Alaska’s permanent fund… Or, said another way, basic guaranteed income.”

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