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Shane Greenup, “Surviving as an entrepreneur.”

SUMMARY: This article address the question of how difficult it is for most people to pursue entrepreneurial activities. It concludes by arguing for a Universal Basic Income, “If everyone had access to a guaranteed income which would be sufficient to ensure food and rent, then you would empower innumerable people to take the risks necessary to chase their startup dreams,

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AUSTRALIA: Pirate Party Considers Basic Income

Australia’s Pirate Party is considering adopting basic income as part of its tax platform, policy development documents posted online suggest. The draft framework proposes that the basic income could be delivered through the introduction of a negative income tax. However, their website advises that the policy is not yet finalized and represents neither the party’s present views nor their future

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Caputo, Richard K. (editor) (2012), Basic Income Guarantee and Politics: International Experiences and Perspectives on the Viability of Income Guarantee

According to the publisher Palgrave/Macmillan, “This exciting and timely collection brings together international and national scholars and advocates to provide historical overviews of efforts to pass basic income guarantee legislation in their respective countries and/or across regions of the globe. Contributing authors address specific substantive issues such as: who were the main people and groups involved in support of or

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Quiggin, John. “The Golden Age: The 15-hour working week predicted by Keynes may soon be within our grasp—but are we ready for freedom from toil?”

This article reviews Keyne’s 1930 prediction that economic growth would so make possible the 15-hour workweek. The author, John Quiggin, argues that the failure of the prediction to come true happened not because of a failure of economic growth but because of policy decisions that have concentrated the gains of economic growth on people at the top of the income

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The Wealth Divide – poverty and economic inequality within the US and Africa; The Enclosures; the “resource curse” and the corruption of economics; the “law of rent”; addressing the land problem; cooperatives.

Guest Speakers: Gordon Abiama (Nigeria), Acharya Maheshverananda (Venezuela)

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