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ALASKA: The state’s mini-basic income comes under increasing attack

Alaska’s small basic income, the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), is coming under increasing political attacks as the state’s fiscal crisis grows. the dividend, in place since 1982, has been incredibly popular, but the double-hit of declining oil prices and declining oil production have created a fiscal crisis that has forced the state to look for new revenues. As Basic Income

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ALASKA, USA: 2015 Dividend estimated to be near highest ever

Alaska Dispatch News has released its estimate of Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend (PDF) for this year. The Alaska Dividend is the closest policy to a basic income in the world today. It has paid dividends to all Alaska residents since 1982. According to reporter Sean Doogan, the dividend is likely to be about $2,100. If so, the dividend would be

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Thom Hartmann, “What’s Good About Guaranteed Basic Income”

  In this post Hartmann makes the case for a basic income guarantee (BIG), citing conservative mainstays like personal responsibility and the perceived inefficiency of social safety net programs. He compares the results of BIG experiments in developing and developed nations, and contrasts the benefits of basic income with the negative results of overwork simply to survive. Hartmann argues that a BIG could

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