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CANADA: Hugh Segal asks why we support corporations and not individuals?

Former Canadian Senator Hugh Segal has been a long-time advocate for basic income in Canada. In a recent interview, Segal notes that the nature of work is changing and he comments on the willingness to protect companies from economic crisis but not to protect individual people. Segal says that a basic income guarantee should not be about political affiliations and

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Hugh Segal, “Scrapping Welfare: The case for guaranteeing all Canadians an income above the poverty line

Hugh Segal, author of The Right Balance: Canada’s Conservative Tradition (Douglas and McIntyre, 2011), is an Ontario senator and former president of the Institute for Research on Public Policy. Hugh Segal, “Scrapping Welfare: The case for guaranteeing all Canadians an income above the poverty line,” Literary review of Canada, December 2012.

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Canada: Bruce Stewart, “Canadian Senator Hugh Segal and his guaranteed income plan”

[Craig Axford] This article discusses Conservative Canadian Senator Hugh Segal who continues to advocate for a basic income guarantee.  According to Senator Segal an income floor would encourage more entrepreneurship, enhance consumer spending, and provide a top up for low paying service jobs that are increasingly a barrier preventing many Canadians from joining the middle class. Bruce Stewart, “Canadian Senator

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Canada: Senator Hugh Segal on basic income and unemployment insurance

In a column for the Canadian daily newspaper National Post (June 10, 2012), long-time basic income advocate and Conservative Senator from Ontario Hugh Segal writes: “(…) It is reasonable to have an employment insurance system, funded by contributions from Canadian workers, that provides a financial bridge to those who have lost their jobs and cannot immediately find a replacement. When

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UBI’s Impact on Work Culture: Not a Question for the Experimenters

My interest in basic income stemmed from the conjecture that such a policy could help to ignite a progression away from the culture of total work. However, there are many open empirical questions regarding the exact way in which a basic income would (or would not) influence work-related attitudes and behaviors. One might hope that current and planned experiments will

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ONTARIO, CANADA: Mayors react to guaranteed minimum income pilot announcement

Kathleen Wynne. Credit to: CBS Hamilton. Three communities across Ontario have been selected for the Province’s guaranteed minimum income pilot. Ontario will be rolling out a three-year study in late spring and fall 2017. Premier Kathleen Wynne made the announcement with details of the project in Hamilton on April 24th.   The stated goal of the pilot on the official

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