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CANADA: Hugh Segal asks why we support corporations and not individuals?

Former Canadian Senator Hugh Segal has been a long-time advocate for basic income in Canada. In a recent interview, Segal notes that the nature of work is changing and he comments on the willingness to protect companies from economic crisis but not to protect individual people. Segal says that a basic income guarantee should not be about political affiliations and

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Hugh Segal, “Scrapping Welfare: The case for guaranteeing all Canadians an income above the poverty line

Hugh Segal, author of The Right Balance: Canada’s Conservative Tradition (Douglas and McIntyre, 2011), is an Ontario senator and former president of the Institute for Research on Public Policy. Hugh Segal, “Scrapping Welfare: The case for guaranteeing all Canadians an income above the poverty line,” Literary review of Canada, December 2012.

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Canada: Bruce Stewart, “Canadian Senator Hugh Segal and his guaranteed income plan”

[Craig Axford] This article discusses Conservative Canadian Senator Hugh Segal who continues to advocate for a basic income guarantee.  According to Senator Segal an income floor would encourage more entrepreneurship, enhance consumer spending, and provide a top up for low paying service jobs that are increasingly a barrier preventing many Canadians from joining the middle class. Bruce Stewart, “Canadian Senator

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Canada: Senator Hugh Segal on basic income and unemployment insurance

In a column for the Canadian daily newspaper National Post (June 10, 2012), long-time basic income advocate and Conservative Senator from Ontario Hugh Segal writes: “(…) It is reasonable to have an employment insurance system, funded by contributions from Canadian workers, that provides a financial bridge to those who have lost their jobs and cannot immediately find a replacement. When

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CANADA: Council of small town Smiths Falls rejects basic income trial, residents disagree

Councilors of the small Ontario town of Smiths Falls voted on December 19 last year to reject participation in its province’s basic income pilot, to the objection of residents and the town’s mayor. A petition requesting a re-vote is currently circulating online. The story begins, however, in 2008. That year The Hershey Company shuttered its Canada operations, at the time

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An Interview with Dr. Kate McFarland (Part Two)

Earlier in the year, Basic Income News reporter Scott Jacobsen spoke to Basic Income News reporter Kate McFarland about her background and influences. This is a continuation of Part One.   You mentioned valuing clarity of writing, for readers to have correct inferences. Any advice for BI writers? That is, those that want clear writing and to avoid the statistical probability of

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