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Basic income: the post social democratic economic pathway for the 21st century


The 20th century was the century of social democracy in Western Europe. Nowadays the social democratic model of the welfare state is in deep crisis. This model, in which paid work is central, full (male) employment is the norm and social benefits are dependent on one’s performance in paid work is no longer working. Economic changes have accelerated the declining membership of unions. The strength of the various social democratic parties is thus structurally eroded. This opens the way for basic income as the economic model for the 21st century.

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US: Johnson supports Basic Income on libertarian principles


Article originally appeared on the Libertarian Republic by Brett Linley At the FreedomFest convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, Gary Johnson took a stance puzzling to many libertarians. Per the Basic Income Earth Network, Johnson conveyed that he would be “open” to the idea of Universal Basic Income. To many fiscal conservatives, UBI seems like a blanket handout to engorge the

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Response: Money for nothing


Brookings wrote a short essay about basic income, arguing that it may be a step too far. To me, what has been “too far” is precisely this present day system of oppression, where poverty runs rampant, levels of inequality are breaking records, all while societal and environmental stress reach all-time highs.

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