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SWITZERLAND: A referendum on basic income?

The Swiss initiative Initiative Grundeinkommen is focusing on preparatory operations for a referendum to launch a nationwide Basic Income. In Switzerland, federal popular initiatives are not subject to judicial review as they amend the federal constitution. Promoters of popular initiatives have 18 months to collect at least 100,000 signatures. If they succeed, the initiative is put before the Swiss citizenry in a

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UNITED STATES: American Political Science Association Task Force Will Discuss BIG

USBIG reports that the American Political Science Association (APSA) has created a “Task Force on Democracy, Economic Security, and Social Justice in a Volatile World.” This task force is charged to rethink some of the familiar assumptions about democracy, economic security, and social justice in light of recent social and economic trends. In particular, the Task Force will assess recent

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Basic Income Book Series: Call for Proposals

Palgrave-MacMillan Publishers has announced a new book series on the Basic Income Guarantee. They expect to publish two or three books per year starting within the next year or so. Books will be nonfiction monographs and edited volumes. They are currently accepting proposals from authors and editors with ideas for books for the series. The series announcement is repeated in

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Basic Income Studies (BIS) has announced the recent publication of one issue of the journal. The contents of the issue is below. BIS issues are available for free sampling at Click the required article and follow the instructions to get free guest access to all BIS publications. CONTENTS OF VOLUME 5, ISSUE 2 (2010) ‘Behavioral Economics and the Basic

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German Flyers on basic income

All parties represented in German Federal Parliament have been discussing various models of basic income at some point in the past few years. Now two of them, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and Die Linke come along with new flyers by their Basic Income working groops:ünes_netzwerk_ge.pdf

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