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UNITED STATES: Fundraising Starts for Education-Based Basic Income Campaign in Los Angeles

The group Basic Income Los Angeles has started fundraising for an educational project, a campaign to spread the word about Basic Income. The purpose of this campaign is to convey the benefits of Basic Income to a wider Los Angeles audience. The audience targeted by the education-based campaign will be not only the general public but also educators, grassroots organizations,

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Portugal: Pan-European screening of Free Lunch Society on Tuesday 26th September BIEN Conference in Lisbon

The documentary Free Lunch Society will be screened on Tuesday 26th September, at 7:30 pm, during Basic Income Earth Network Conference in Lisbon. This will take place at ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management – and will be followed by a debate between basic income experts Scott Santens (USA), Jorge Pinto and Sara Bizarro (Portugal) and the director

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UNITED STATES: Joe Biden believes that jobs are the future, rather than basic income

Joe Biden. Credit to: GQ.   Joe Biden, Obama’s ex-vice president, is confident that the reinforcement of the job-centered culture is the answer to the challenges already affecting work marketplaces in the US, as written in his blog at the Biden Institute. He supports this vision instead of the idea increasingly put forward by Silicon Valley moguls: unconditional basic income.

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Jordan Peterson’s remarks on UBI

Jordan Peterson, cultural critic, psychologist, and member of the Self Authoring online service, gave his remarks on Universal Basic Income. His concerns seem to be largely drawn from a similar issue critics have with the idea, primarily in the face of leisure time: will people become lazy and unmotivated? Can people handle a life with none of the traditional burdens

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GERMANY: Basic Income party Bündnis Grundeinkommen prepares for participation in upcoming election

Bündnis Grundeinkommen gathering at Brandenburg gate. Credit to: Enno Schmidt and Bündnis Grundeinkommen   The Bündnis Grundeinkommen, Germany’s political party campaigning on the single issue of introducing a basic income in the country, has held an open air event in preparation to participate in their first national election.   Hosted together with Kulturimpuls Grundeinkommen eV (a German broadcaster), the event

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United States: Philosophy class examines universal Basic Income whose time has come

A Stanford University class –available on a podcast replays the 1970s Manitoba, Canada, experiment called “mincome,” on the way to rejoicing in Universal Basic Income. In the U.S., Silicon Valley entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, who according to some is preparing to run for U.S. President, are promoting universal basic income. What does basic income mean, students ask? The contentious subject

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