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Italy: minimum basic income discussed during 2013 electoral campaign

General elections will be held in Italy on 24-25 February 2013. After the presentation of Mario Monti’s “Agenda for Italy”, Beppe Grillo, the colourful leader of Movimento 5 stelle (5 Stars Movement) proposed a counter-agenda in 16 points, in which the second point is a “Guarantee Citizens’ Income”. After the news of suicides provoked by the critical economic situation, Grillo

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The Austrian newspaper published a report on the basic income pilot project in India, organised by the All India Federation of Self-Employment Women’s Associations (SEWA) and financed by UNICEF. “Armen-Grundeinkommen in der Testphase,”, December 26, 2012 The report is in German and can be found here:

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Switzerland: Over 70,000 signatures for basic income initiative

A committee of citizens and BIEN-Switzerland are currently collecting signatures for a ‘popular initiative’, which if put to the vote and accepted by the electorate will introduce a basic income into the Swiss Constitution. 120,000 signatures will probably be needed so that the requirement of 100,000 validated ones is satisfied, and half way through the period allowed–which runs until October

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INDIA: Government announces major move in the direction of basic income guarantee

India’s ruling coalition government suddenly and unexpectedly announce a major move in the direction of a basic income guarantee by replacing many transfer and expanding them into a cash transfer program. The government will begin phasing-in the program on January 1, 2013. Details are sketchy at this point. According the New York Times, “The plan is to replace existing pensions,

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GERMANY: economic program of the Pirate Party endorses BIG

The German Pirate Party, which has endorsed BIG in recent elections, has made it official by producing an official economic program including a basic income guarantee. According to the program, “For us, work is not just a commodity, but also always the personal effort of an individual. Therefore, it is an imperative of human dignity that every human is free

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UNITED STATES: Proposal for a Great Lakes Commons Trust that may provide a BIG

At the Great Lakes Commons Gathering at Notre Dame University in the United States last October James Quilligan, who has recently spoken at a series of seminars in London, proposed a Great Lakes Commons Trust and Community Bank. ‘Bioregional trusts are an emerging horizon in environmental sustainability and financial stability for the people of a common resource area. … The

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UNITED STATES-KENYA: New non-profit uses unconditional cash transfers

A new Massachusetts-based non-profit, called GiveDirectly, transfers donations to poor Kenyans with no conditions attached whatsoever. According to GiveDirectly, their model of giving is based on a simple, four step process: “1. You donate through our webpage. 2. We locate poor households in Kenya. 3. We transfer your donation electronically to a recipient’s cell phone. 4. The recipient uses the

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NORWAY: New basic income network is founded

Borgerlonn-BIEN Norge was founded on October 12, 2012 to promote basic income in Norway. The organization’s main purpose is to inform the Norwegian population on universal, unconditional basic income guarantee (BIG) in hopes of getting BIG on the political agenda. The organization will promote BIG for all Norwegian citizens and one that is large enough to cover all necessary living

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