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CANADA: New basic income documentary launches crowdfunding campaign

A crowdfunding campaign was just launched for the new documentary, “The Mincome Experiment”. Kreytor, a recent web platform designed for “showcasing, curating and crowdfunding creative work” launched the campaign on May 1st, 2017, only five years after the platform was created by the documentary producer Vincent Santiago, an independent artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). Over the last five years Vincent

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UNITED STATES: Carbon tax new report identifies possibilities for implementation in eight US states

The United States Carbon Tax Center (CTC) has just released a new report, showing that eight USA states are ready to implement a carbon tax, and twelve others are building towards it. This comes in a time when the Trump Administration unwinds recent progresses related to climate change policy in the USA.   The CTC has prepared a toolkit, designed

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FRANCE: The Universal Basic Income proposition from French Presidential Candidate Benoît Hamon, explained

Benoît Hamon. Credit to: L’opinion.   Though Socialist candidate Benoît Hamon did not make it to the second round of the French presidential election, he has attracted attention through his proposal for a version of universal basic income (UBI). An article by the French Economic Observatory (OFCE) explores the way Hamon’s UBI proposal might be implemented into an existing French

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NETHERLANDS: A radical new way do fund science

Back in 2014, Johan Bollen and four other colleagues published an EMBO report, presenting a new and radical approach to scientific funding. Since then, Johan has paired with Marten Scheffer so as to develop and communicate further the notion of SOFA – Self Organized Fund Allocation. Scheffer has recently led the Dutch parliament to ask the Netherlands Organization for Scientific

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UK: Parliament releases summary of Oral Evidence Hearing on UBI

On January 12, 2017, the Work and Pensions Committee of the UK Parliament held an oral evidence hearing on universal basic income, the official summary of which is now available online. It ultimately concludes that the measure “risks being a distraction from workable welfare reform” and urges “the incoming government not to expend any energy on it.”

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Report on the Netherlands and Universal Basic Income

Updates from Vereniging Basisinkomen (BIEN-Netherlands), Spring 2017   On 15 March 2017 elections were held for the second chamber in the Netherlands. Many watched in fear that there would be move towards “the wrong populism” as the prime minister called it. This outcome was avoided. There was less attention to the development with respect to Basic Income. Supporters tended to

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