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Video link: TEDxBologna – Bruna Pereira and Marcus Brancaglione – Citizen Basic Income in Brasil

Bruna and Marcus are Social Innovators and they have been developing the Basic Income Project in Brasile for two years, a project that is unique in the world. The 70 inhabitants of the town of Quantiga Velho receive 30 Real monthly. Marcus and Bruna tell us what are the effects of this new right, that is conquering the world.

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Video link: Large demonstration for BIG in Rome, 2003

The BIN-Italia website has a short video of a demonstration on November 22, 2003 when more than 50.000 people in Rome demonstrated for a guaranteed income. According to BIN-Italian, “Usually in all the demonstration the guaranteed income are one of the request from the people, social movement, precarious worker etc. But this short movie shows the largest demonstration in Italy just for a guaranteed income.”

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