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Øyvind Steensen, “Den norske modellen versjon 2.0” (BI as continuation of Norwegian Model)

(Image Credit: Gjesteblogg) Øyvind Steensen describes the Norwegian model, which involves two citizen salary schemes – family allowances and minimum pension, and possible improvements to it. The change to the current welfare system would be the provision of a basic income. However, Steensen describes basic income as “a basic citizen wages granted without means testing for all adults residing in

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“Changing employment trends and universal basic income” (The Saturday Paper)”

Mike Seccombe, National Correspondent for The Saturday Paper, reported on the recent championing of a universal basic income (UBI) by those interested in the cause and concerned about  “wage inequality at record highs and technology plundering jobs.” In particular, the article focuses on the support for UBI shown by Elon Musk. Musk is heavily invested and involved in the technology

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Jorge Valero (Bruselas), “Gana fuerza el debate sobre la renta básica universal en Bruselas” (Winning debate on universal basic income in Brussels)

Jorge Valero (Bruselas) reports that digitization is a “recurring theme in Brussels.” He points to the need to adapt the welfare states.   Bruselas says this is part of a public debate around “collaborative economics, advanced robotization, artificial intelligence or the so-called internet of things,” which was previously avoided as a topic in the public. He notes the new public

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