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Interview: UK’s social security needs a ‘fundamental rethink’

This past month, United Kingdom’s Compass advocacy and publication website published an analysis of the basic income. The report discussed how the basic income could be introduced in the UK, and how it would interact with other social service programs. One of the authors, Stewart Lansley, a Compass associate and visiting fellow in the School of Policy Studies at the

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ITALY: Basic income and the future of work

Introduction: the minimum income In Italy, the debate on basic income has lasted for almost 20 years. Back in August 1997, the website published my pamphlet titled “Ten thesis on citizenship income”. This text, which saw a successful circulation, especially underground, was re-edited in the book “Tute Bianche” [1], presented an overview of the Italian debate regarding the introduction of

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BIN Italia: free online ebook QR3 [Notebooks on Basic Income]

Bin Italia, the italian basic income network has released a new editorial production. It’s available online for free: QR3 – Income for Notebooks. “It takes a guaranteed basic income!” This publication nº3 (April 2016) features 24 authors and 150 pages. It offers different perspectives thanks to the variety of articles by several italian authors.  As reported from the back cover: “The discourse on guaranteed basic income in Italy requires

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Swiss Basic Income: Too Expensive?

Author: Robin Ketelaars The Swiss referendum for an unconditional basic income ended on June 5 with 23 percent voting yes. The organizers had expected 20%, so in many ways this was still a positive outcome. With a turnout of only 47 percent, the result demonstrates that 53 percent of the population are indifferent about the basic income. Opponents managed to

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Help make history: Create the largest basic income pilot yet

Dear friends, The basic income movement is picking up momentum at an enormous rate, but even with past and present trials, many are still looking for further evidence of what would happen if a guaranteed income were provided over the long-term. So we’re planning to run what will likely be the largest long-term pilot of a basic income ever, and

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