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The bitter Italian situation: no basic income and false protection for the poor

By: Sandro Gobetti Basic income began to be debated in Italy from a diverse range of viewpoints about 4-5 years ago, when two law proposals were submitted to the Italian Parliament: one a part of the 5S Movement and the other the outcome of a popular initiative which had more than 50,000 signatures (the necessary threshold according to the Italian

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Ebook: Guaranteed income and technological innovation, between algorithms and robotics

A new free publication of the Italian Basic Income Network (BIN Italia) entitled “Guaranteed income and technological innovation, between algorithms and robotics“. This is the seventh publication (March 2017) of the “Notebooks for Income” (QR – Quaderni per il Reddito) series, by the BIN Italia. Fifteen authors contributed to the Italian debate on topics such as robotics, gig economy (task-based economies),

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“Notebooks for income”, a special issue for the Women’s Global Strike: “Basic income for self-determination”

For the Global Women’s Strike on 8 March 2017 Basic Income Network – Italy published a special issue of the “Notebooks for income” (QR – Quaderni per il Reddito) entitled “Basic income for self-determination”. Eleven italian women authored the free ebook who, with their articles, contribute to the Italian debate about basic income as an income to support self-determination. The

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Silvia Giannelli, “Pray Again to Saint Precarious”

[Sabrina Del Pico – July 2013] Saint Precarious (San Precario) is an iconic image created back in 2004 by a network of Italian activists who dealt with the concept of “precarity” since 2001. This unusual saint was declared patron of all precarious workers and used to recall Catholic saints believed to protect the faithful. This article not only explains the

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Firenze, Italy, 8th April 2013: Workshop: Guaranteed Minimum Income and fight against social exclusion

A workshop entitled ‘Guaranteed Minimum Income and Fight Against Social Exclusion’ was organised on April 8th at Universita degli studi di Firenze. The workshop was lectured by Giuseppe Bronzini, Judge in the Supreme Court of Cassation in Italy, and coordinator of the scientific committee of BIN Italia. The event was part of a cycles of workshops organised by the Course

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Rome, Italy, 8th April 2013: Presentation of the campaign '#Just Approve it!'

On April 8th the Association Progetto Diritti organised the presentation of both BIN Italia last book, Reddito minimo garantito, un progetto necessario e possibile [Guaranteed Minimum Income, a feasible and necessary project] (published by Edizioni Gruppo Abele) and the campaign ‘#Just Approve it!’ launched by the associations involved in the campaign for a popular initiative bill on guaranteed minimum income.

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