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BIEN Stories: Louise Haagh

Louise Haagh (BIEN Co-Chair) I first came across basic income in summer of 2001 when instructed about it by Workers’ Party Senator Eduardo Suplicy, at his home in São Paulo. I was doing research on workers’ rights, at the same time undertaking a survey of economic security among residents in poor and middle-income districts (published in World Development, 2011a). Eduardo

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BIEN Stories: Steven Shafarman

“Toward Basic Income and a Peaceful Democratic Revolution”  By Steven Shafarman My drive to enact a basic income – and most of my ideas about how to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize allies – arose from exploring the way young children learn to walk and talk. I first wrote about these ideas, though without the term basic income, in the

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BIEN Stories: Christopher Balfour

Christopher Balfour (BIEN Life Member) In the early 1960s I worked as a Youth Employment Officer in the English Midlands. We were then an education-based service concerned with guidance and placement but also responsible for trying to assist those without work and paying out benefits, a valuable way of keeping in touch each week. Having been adopted as a Conservative

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BIEN Stories: Malcolm Torry

Malcolm Torry – “My Basic Income Story” Almost exactly forty years ago, I left university, got married, and started work in Brixton, in South London, administering means-tested benefits. I spent two years on the public counter: and it didn’t take long to understand how inefficient, degrading, and disincentivising means-tested benefits were. After two years I left to train for the

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BIEN Stories: Richard Caputo

Richard K. Caputo (Professor of Social Work)  My colleague Professor Vicki Lens recommended that I check out the US Basic Income Guarantee (USBIG) Network which was planning its first annual Congress for March 8-9, 2002 in New York City. Professor Lens was familiar with much of my scholarship on low-income families and economic well-being and thought my interests overlapped with

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