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VIDEO: “Kann Mann Frau [Can Man Woman]” film is released with English subtitles

Gabriele Von Moers, a German filmmaker, has released her movie Kann Mann Frau [Can Man Woman] with English subtitles. The release has also been accompaigned by a short two-minute trailer. This film is a first part of a larger 90-minute documentary focused on basic income, opening with Götz Werner words at the Basic Income Earth Network Congress in Munich.


At her website, Gabriele describes how she thinks emancipation firstly describes women independence from men as an economical issue. Jobs for an income, as she sees it, is a masculine version of society, and it need not be like that. To acknowledge that already constitutes an alternative to the encompassing pressure in every-day life. Basic income would then be a way forward in that direction.


Kann Mann Frau // Can Man Woman – Film (42 min)

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