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#BasicIncomeChallenge at the Web Summit in Lisbon

Mein Grundeinkommen has launched the #BasicIncomeChallenge in partnership with the Portuguese Basic Income Association. Mein Grundeinkommen is a crowdfunded Basic Income experiment based in Berlin, Germany. They have raised more than 120 Basic Incomes and 1.5 million Euros. Now, for the first time, they are taking their experiment to an international level, and crowdfunding a Basic Income to be raffled at the Web Summit in Lisbon next Thursday. The raffle is open to anyone anywhere in the world. All that is necessary to enter is to tweet about it using the #BasicIncomeChallenge hashtag.


Mein Grundeinkommen will be trying to raise 12,000 euros – a Basic Income of 1,000 euros per month for one year for one person. In order to enter the Basic Income Challenge no donation is necessary. After you tweet about it using the #BasicIncomeChallenge hashtag and after the funds are raised, you will be able to check your raffle number using your twitter handle. The winner will also be announced on the Mein Grundeinkommen twitter account: @meinbge and the raffle will be broadcast via a live stream. The link will be shared on the Basic Income Challenge webpage.


Donations to help raise the 12,000 euros can be made by Paypal, or with Bitcoin to 1LKAoq694ekJApBMnEmSpsphbMAEosYgni. The raffle will only happen if the 12,000 are raised in three days, from Monday, November 6th to Wednesday, November 8th. If you are at the Web Summit you can also visit the Mein Grundeinkommen stand and donate with cash or credit card.  


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