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Karl Widerquist steps down as BIEN’s Co-Chair to write Basic Income book for MIT Press

Karl Widerquist (Georgetown University-SFS Qatar), who has served as co-chair of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) since 2010, has recently been asked by MIT Press, the university press of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to write a book on Basic Income for MIT’s Essential Knowledge series. Widerquist will write the introductory text Universal Basic Income: Essential Knowledge. The MIT Essential Knowledge series is intended to provide short and accessible introductions to a variety of topics written by leading experts.

In order to devote more time to this high-profile book project, along with other projects (such as the book, The Prehistory of Private Property: Implications for Contemporary Property Theory for Edinburgh University Press, Justice as the Pursuit of Accord for Palgrave-Macmillan, and a project on the upcoming basic income trials), Widerquist will step down from the position of Co-Chair to the newly created position of Vice Chair until the 2018 General Assembly, a formal meeting, open to all Life Members, held at each of BIEN’s Congresses. Louise Haagh (University of York), meanwhile, will become the Chair of BIEN.

Reviewed by Sarah Harris

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  • Girdhari Sangar

    Just 15% of the annual income of the top richest 500 persons of the world, per year, can eliminate poverty, hunger, starvation and poverty related deaths of pregnant women , of newborns, of infants, of children and of seniors amongst the extremely poorest 20% (1.3 bn) population, just in 2-3 years. These richest persons are getting increased income as a result of Automation, Technology development, upgradation and application in their businesses / establishments and this is the single largest factor in increasing unemployment, lay offs and poverty.

    These richest people should be invited to the World Convention and persuaded to participate and make contributions for giving directly to the poorest 20% families/ population for the next 2-3 years till the respective Govts of these poorest people set up the plan to permanently eliminate the poverty in their respective countries..

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