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COPENHAGEN: Nordic Conference on Basic Income Pilots, Sep 22-23

The first Nordic conference on basic income pilots will be held at Christiansborg, the Danish parliament building, in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 22-23, 2016.

The conference will include general discussion of the design, implementation, and analysis of basic income experiments — with its website containing useful background information about past basic income experiments — as well as the application of these ideas to the Nordic Model.

Complete programs for Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23, including abstracts for each of the talks,are available on the conference website, as are brief bios of the speakers. On Thursday evening, the conference will feature a special dinner with entertainment provided by Zirkus Orchestra.

Registration to attend either or both days of the event, and (optionally) the dinner and concert, is currently open.

The event is being hosted by BIEN Denmark, the Danish branch of the Basic Income Earth Network, in collaboration with the political party The Alternative (“an international political party for those who want to work for a sustainable, democratic, socially just and entrepreneurial world”), and in association with Unconditional Basic Income Europe.

The Nordic Conference on Basic Income Pilots will be Denmark’s main event in honor the Ninth International Basic Income Week, September 19-25.

Picture of Christiansborg CC Julian Herzog

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  • Jes

    it’s a good idea and it should work in EU, especially Scandinavian contries. not sure about US….however the world situation will make it works for us no matter we like it or not. due to soon we will have the robots (AI) working for the human….there will be no work for low to middle worker, only high level that still required human intervention. But the majority will be taken care by AI. The first priority will be taking care of the seniors which all the developed countries will need the most. because it the high labor cost and no one want to do the mundane job. At the moment all the industry countries have been imported the care taker from developer countries. And what if all the develope countries start to catching up for their standard of living. So the answering will be….AI that will take care of the seniors. That just an introduction of what good about the AI without anyone need to argue about.

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