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We need your effort and ideas to help spread the word about Basic Income.

BIEN is an all-volunteer organization. We have no paid labor and hardly any budget. And so we have created several volunteer taskforces to work on projects over the coming year or more. Two of these taskforces have been around for years, but most of them are just getting started, and a few of them are just ideas at this point. We invite volunteers to take part in any and all of these taskforces, to help shape them, and to decide what needs to be done. Most of these taskforces have an open structure chosen by the taskforce members themselves.


We also ask volunteers to suggest additional task forces. What taskforces BIEN ultimately has will be driven largely by what goals our volunteers choose to pursue.

To get more info about any single taskforce contact the point-person listed for the task force.

To volunteer, or if you have an idea for a new taskforce, contact Karl Widerquist (BIEN co-chair) <>.


The proposed task forces are:

BIEN News: The work and structure of Basic Income News is described in BIEN’s EC functions. Three members of the EC and many volunteers are in this task force. (See Volunteer for Basic Income News for more information or to apply to volunteer.)
Point person: André Coelho <>

BIEN outreach to affiliates and to non-affiliated organizations: This task force will try to find ways for BIEN to develop joint research and educational activities of benefit to advance public knowledge and understanding of basic income and public policy developments and debates linked with this topic. It will aid in furthering joint events among relevant organisations and the wider public around the world to help educate citizens, and offer research-based engagement with local publics, and support informed public debate and understanding. It will help the Local Organizing Committee which hosts the core educational activity of BIEN linked with its yearly academic congress, to include to organize a session at the next Congress in which affiliates report on their educational activities and discuss their educational activities with each other.
Point Person: Jenna van Draanen <>

BIEN crowdfunding taskforce: This taskforce will find ways to use our website and social media presence to raise funds. It will create some system for BIEN to take donations over the internet. It will work on a strategy to promote donations to BIEN either online or elsewhere.
Point Person: Andrea Fumagalli <>

BIEN website committee: The role of this taskforce is improve the functioning and content of BIEN’s website. This taskforce needs a webmaster(s) and anyone with web-skills to maintain the website. It also needs people to decide how to create on BIEN’s website a depository of research and expertise: to consolidate BIEN’s web-page as a place interested parties can locate relevant experts and find information on policy studies, experiments, and published research on basic income and related topics.
Point Person: Amanda Wray <>

BIEN social media: This taskforce is to consolidate BIEN social media via Facebook and other social media
Point person: Jason Burke Murphy <>

BIEN representation at core international bodies: This taskforce is to investigate options as to BIEN’s representation at relevant policy-making bodies or think tanks.
Point person: Pablo E. Yanes Rizo <>

BIEN democratic processes: This taskforce is to look into how to improve BIEN’s democratic processes and encourage activities.
Point Person: Louise Haagh <>

We hope you will get involved. Please contact Karl Widerquist <>

-Karl Widerquist, Co-Chair
-Louise Haagh, Co-Chair


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The views expressed in this Op-Ed piece are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the view of Basic Income News or BIEN. BIEN and Basic Income News do not endorse any particular policy, but Basic Income News welcomes discussion from all points of view in its Op-Ed section.


  • Daniela Rojas

    Buen dia
    Me encantaria de ser parte del proyecto de RENTA BASICA y vivir en tan hermosa ciudad como Holanda.

  • This is a New concept.I am a retired M.D.,aUN Military Officer,Senator,now retired.Am 75years old.But military fit.Am from the South Pacific Island of 4 Yeats in the a political asylum’following the 4 Military Coup in the country.last one in 2006 when I lost my Senatorship.I was known as Senator for the poor and deadly against racism.I still feel for the same cause today and am looking for ways to combat poverty and racial ,,religious discrimnation,Is BIEN a solution?I was poor myself and I hate poverty.zHave been doing Alternative Medicine for last 25years.Now a Researcher of the Chaelswellness International PLC registered in Las Vegas,Nevada.

  • O como puedo viajar y vivir en Holanda .Utrecht.Soy Colombiana .vivo en Manizales y quiero o ser parte del experimento .

  • Javier Reyes

    Hi, i read aboit this website on the internet, on an article of msn. I wish’d to know what is this concept about, i read that i can aply to go living in Utrecht and work and improve professionaly my self, learn a new language and of course to know about the city and this beatifull country. If some body can answer my doubts i will really appreciate it.

    Best regards from Guatemala

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