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HUNGARY: “Revolution of Social Justice” Conference on Basic Income

The Revolution of Social Justice international conference will be held in Budapest on May 21, 2016, on the theme of “the chances of progressive politics and basic income in Europe and Hungary.”

Keynote speakers include Guy Standing (economist, Research Professor at University of London, and co-founder of Basic Income Earth Network), Iván Szelényi (Professor of Sociology at New York University), and Enno Schmidt (artist and co-initiator of the popular initiative for basic income in Switzerland).

The conference also includes two panel discussions on themes related to basic income: the first on basic income pilot projects and how to move from these experiments to national projects, and the second on how to build progressive social and political movements to support (or be supported by) basic income initiatives.

A third panel discussion, featuring a diverse group of national public figures, asks “What’s next, Hungary?”

The conference concludes with a festival–which will include a poem and song recital by Virág Erdős and László Kollár-Klemencz and concert by Kistehén Band.

Attendance is free upon registration.

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