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AUSTRIA: 45 events during 8th Basic Income Week, September 14-20, 2015

The 8th International Basic Income Week will take place September 14-20, For more information, click here. The Austrian basic income alliance Runder Tisch – Grundeinkommen (RTG) recently announced the programme for the 8th International Basic Income Week, September 14–20, 2015, with 45 events – more than double in comparison to 2014 – in 22 cities and towns all over Austria: film screenings on TV and in 18 cinemas with subsequent discussions with experts and audience, street actions, panel discussions, performances, book presentations, radio programmes and other kinds of activities. RTG especially points to the participation of members of the Austrian trade union federation ÖGB and social workers in the debate about Unconditional Basic Income.

Programme for Austria:

Christoff Lammer contributed to this report.


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