BIEN Committee Election and Functions


The 2018-2019 Term

At the 2017 General Assembly the following resolutions were passed:

There will be a postal ballot alongside a secret ballot at the GA for different officers and postholders of the Executive Committee.



Candidates must be nominated at least one month in advance of Executive Committee elections and candidates’ details placed on the GA website.

BIEN has now been registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in the United Kingdom, so at the 2018 GA all of the positions on the Executive Committee will need to be elected.

According to the Charitable Incorporated Organisation constitution agreed at the GA in 2017, at each subsequent GA one third of the members of the EC will be elected.

The 2018 General Assembly will be held on Sunday 26th August 2018 at the congress in Tampere, Finland.

Nominations are open from April 15th . Nominations close 26th July. Nominations are encouraged by June 15th. Bios of all candidates will be displayed from July 1st.

Enquiries about positions can be made informally to the Chair, Louise Haagh (, or the Vice-Chair Karl Widerquist (

In order to be nominated, a BIEN member will need to nominate him or herself, will need to say to which post they wish to be elected, and will need to send a picture and a personal statement, of a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 500 words, saying why they wish to be elected to that post. They might also wish to express a preference for a one year, two year, or three year term of office.

The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will stand for two or three year terms. The EC will make the final decision on terms of office after the GA in order to ensure equal numbers of one year, two year and three year terms.

A person nominates him or herself. In order to make a nomination, the nominator will need to send an email to the Secretary of BIEN at, copied to the General Manager at, containing the nominee’s name, the statement, and the term length preference.

The timeline will be as follows:

Thursday 26th July: final day for receipt of nominations and statements. Earlier nominations encouraged.

Friday 27th July: Ballot papers will be sent by email to every BIEN member. Anyone who will not be attending the GA in Tampere will be invited to return the completed form by post, or as a scanned image of the printed and signed form, by Thursday 19th August. For those attending the GA ballot papers will be available at the meeting.

Sunday 26th August: Election by secret ballot at the GA, after which the postal and GA votes will be combined to determine the elections.

Below are:

(1)   the list of open positions,

(2)   a list of those incumbents standing for re-election,

(3)   a description of the minimum duties of each position.

(4)   A statement about the nature of the special role and duties of the four temporary bank account trustees, including the Treasurer.

Anyone considering standing for a position should please read this material carefully.


(1) Elected Executive Committee Positions and candidates standing so far

Position Candidates standing so far
Chair Louise Haagh (incumbent)
Vice Chair
Secretary Julio Aguirre (incumbent)
Treasurer Mark Wadsworth (incumbent)
Assistant Treasurer
BI News Editor André Coelho (incumbent)
BI Features Editor Tyler Prochazka (incumbent)
BI News and Volunteer Recruitment Officer
Research Manager Kate McFarland (incumbent)
Research Manager Toru Yamamori (incumbent)
Affiliate Outreach
Public Outreach
Website manager
Bank Account Trustee Annie Miller (incumbent)
Bank Account Trustee Jake Eliot (incumbent)
Bank Account Trustee Jay Ginn (incumbent)


(3) Brief description of Executive Committee Member Duties

(N.B. This list includes new positions on the EC. For a more full description of the duties of existing positions see below.)


General duties

Members standing must be aware that it is a duty to attend EC skype meetings, which take place once a month, usually on a Sunday. Elected officers should expect to spend at least 10 hours a month on their role (and sometimes more). It will not be necessary to attend all of the meetings, but it will important to ensure a quorum at each meeting, so there will be an expectation of attendance at nine of the twelve meetings each year and for a sufficient number of members to attend on each occasion.


Individual duties


Chair meetings, formulate policy, organise meetings and agendas, take oversight of the direction of the charity’s work, act as a press contact, liaise with LOCs in planning congresses, act as formal representative of the organisation, and oversee the development of functions within the EC.

Vice Chair

Step in to replace Chair where needed, take on and share/divide leadership roles with the chair in the above roles.


Keep an up-to-dater register of members, keep contact with members as necessary, develop a form of sending up-dates by e.mail to members, take minutes at General Assembly, in collaboration with the General Manager, work with the General Manager in dividing duties of daily management, take fees from members, manage membership forms and general e.mail enquiries – forwarding where necessary.


Keep up-to-date accounts, provide treasurer reports, provide reports to tax authorities as required in law, in this collaborating with the General Manager, assist in managing transfers agreed at EC level, set out and manage a policy on expenditure in collaboration with the General Manager and Chair. Provide a transparent way of displaying accounts, in collaboration with the Fundraiser, and General Manager.

Assistant Treasurer

The assistant treasurer supports the treasurer, as directed and learns the role. The position is intended as a stepping stone to stand for the treasurer position

BI News Editor

The post oversees and ensures that the BI News webpages are updated regularly with news content, and ensures quality control of this content in liaison with the EC. The lead editor also is in charge of the monthly BIEN Newsflash. In addition, the editor is responsible for updating BI News policy in collaboration with the Features Editor, Chair, General Manager and other EC members, as relevant.

BI Features Editor

The BI News features editor is responsible BI Features’ policy and content in collaboration where relevant with News Editor, Research Manager, General Manager, and Chair/s. The Features Editor reviews or coordinates the review, of all incoming material, and sets up and operates a policy of admission and rejection of articles, in collaboration with the News Editor, Research Manager and Chair, where relevant. The Features editor solicits and aims to post regular features in the form of opinions, interviews or book reviews.

Research Manager – general

Overseeing the expansion/ organisation of the research repository and an editorial role (in collaboration with the Chair or Vice-Chair) on the Navigator blog. The Research Manager also helps out with research collaboration bids/participation.

Research Manager – web

Assisting the general research manager, constructing and updating a research subject index for BIEN’s web-site, assisting the Research Manager.

Affiliate Outreach

Responsible for keeping an up-to-date register of our affiliate organisations, and to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Continuing the running skype conference meetings with affiliates, and encourage new activities. To facilitate affiliate presence and special events at congresses.

Web-site Manager

Responsible for managing and over-seeing web-content and structure of the web-site, and to assist other EC members in modifying web-site content.

BI News and Volunteer Recruitment Officer 

To assist with the recruitment and responsible for organising a system of training of BI News Team members, in collaboration with the BI News Editor. This post also includes filtering volunteer requests, in collaboration with the Affiliate Outreach, Secretary and General Manager.


Work up policies and pathways to raise funding, and with the Chair or Vice-Chair come up with expenditure plans and accountability procedures

Public Outreach

Work with the Chair or/and Vice Chair to organise Civic Forums for BIEN congresses, liaising with international organisations seeking BIEN’s in-put, assisting in facilitating joint-organising of events in which BIEN is involved around the world.


(4) Temporary Bank account Trustees

A statement about the nature of the special role and duties of the four temporary bank account trustees, including the Treasurer.

In order to facilitate the registration of BIEN as a UK Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and the opening of the essential new bank account, four trustees of the Citizen’s Basic Income Trust are currently members of the EC: Annie Miller, Jay Ginn, Jake Eliot, and Mark Wadsworth. To help smooth the transition of BIEN into a legal charitable organisation working efficiently regarding its new bank account, the four trustees have volunteered to stand for one more term in order to assist the organisation. They choose not to attend meetings of the EC, and only participate actively in relation to the efficient running of the bank account. One of the four is the current treasurer, Mark Wadsworth. We are opening a new position of Assistant Treasurer for anyone who wishes to enter and learn the role. It would be most helpful if Mark Wadsworth were elected Treasurer for the next term, and for the other three Citizen’s Basic Income Trust trustees to be elected as well, to smooth the transition into a functioning organisation in the UK

(For information: Below you can find role descriptions as formulated in preparation for the EC election in 2016)

  1. Co-chair
  2. Co-chair
  3. Co-Secretary
  4. Co-Secretary
  5. Communications Coordinator
  6. Treasurer and fundraiser
  7. News Editor
  8. News Editor
  9. News Editor
  10. News Editor & Outreach coordinator
  11. Conference organizer (appointed)

Duties of all EC members

  1. The EC is an executive, organising, and outreach committee. It is elected to work on behalf of members towards promoting the goals of BIEN. Its collective functions include the general tasks of promoting informed debate and critical inquiry about basic income and related subjects within society, in academia, in the media, and within institutions; maintaining and expanding the network; and being responsive to policy debates. In addition, individual members have assigned roles in which these goals are promoted. These roles, wherever possible, includes specific and regular tasks which shall be revised and supported both individually and collectively in response to events and needs.
  2. EC members dedicate significant time to their roles and tasks. Most EC members should expect to work on average at least 10 hours a month, and the co-chairs should expect to work more. They should reflect on the development of their roles during their office so as to inform collective and on-going debate about the role and engagement of the EC.
  3. EC members make a good-faith effort to attend the monthly meetings of the EC (whether in person or via the internet) and to participate in all its decision-making, but they cannot be impeached for being unable to attend an EC meeting. The EC strives to make decisions via debate and consensus, but relies on majority voting (with quorum) where necessary.
  4. EC members help any way they can to promote BIEN’s goals and the good functioning of the organization. EC members should remain flexible to handle things that might come up.
  5. The EC oversees BIEN’s website(s) and other media and appoints people as needed to maintain them.
  6. The EC coordinates volunteers to promote any of BIEN’s goals.
  7. The EC oversees the Local Organizing Committee as it coordinates the next BIEN Congress.
  8. If the BIEN has funds available it might as EC members to travel to attend meetings or represent BIEN at events.
  9. If any EC member is unable to fulfil their duties for any reason, other EC member(s), with agreement of the EC as a whole, may step in and perform that duty.


The EC appoints individual EC members and/or volunteers to perform the following roles and tasks. Sometimes it appoints one member to perform multiple tasks.

a. Co-chair (two)

  1. The Co-Chairs are the principal executive officer(s) of BIEN and the Presiding Officer(s) at all meetings of the Executive Committee.
  2. With the assistance of the Secretary, the Chairs submit to each meeting of the General Assembly a written report on BIEN’s activities and business since the most recent meeting of the General Assembly.
  3. One of the Co-Chairs shall be one of the signatories to each contract or other agreement to which BIEN is a party.
  4. The Co-Chairs can take whatever actions necessary to fulfil the role specified for them in the BIEN statutes.
  5. In consultation with the members of the EC, the Co-Chairs call meetings of the EC after making reasonable effort to ensure maximum attendance.
  6. The Co-Chairs between them aim to call termly up-date meetings at which sub-committees can report and any issues or tasks arising can be discussed.
  7. The two Co-Chairs decide together how to share these duties.

b. Co-Secretaries (two)

  1. If there are two Co-Secretaries, the two of them shall agree to divide the duties of “the Secretary” in whatever way works best for them.
  2. The Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings of the General Assembly and of all meetings of the Executive Committee.
  3. The Secretary shall effect each amendment to the statutes as approved by the General Assembly.
  4. The Secretary, not later than 60 days after the close of each meeting of the General Assembly, shall send the minutes of that meeting of the General Assembly and the revised bylaws to all members.
  5. The Secretary shall send the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee to the EC members.
  6. The Secretary shall maintain a register of members.
  7. The Secretary shall keep all members informed of BIEN motions, the Executive Committee’s selection of people to perform functions, and other issues as specified in the bylaws.
  8. If the Co-Chairs are unable to perform their duties, the Secretary will assume their duties, but if so, he or she will still have only one vote on the EC.

The secretary’s duties explained in simple terms (Provided by David Casassas):

  • The secretary receives all emails that are sent to BIEN. The secretary should answer the general ones (requests of basic information, etc.) and forward the specific ones to the relevant people (there’s a bit of regional coordination in this).
  • The Secretary also deals with all emails that have to do with being included into BIEN’s mailing list or people willing to become life-member. S/he should include all details into BIEN’s archives (word and excel files, but this could be automatized in the future) and, once the Treasurer confirms that this person has transferred the money, s/he should send the official acknowledgement to the new life-member. S/he normally gets 25 requests to be included into BIEN’s mailing list every month and 1-2 requests to become life-member per month.
  • The Secretary also prepares the agenda of the EC and GA meetings and writes the minutes of those meetings.

c. Communications Coordinator

  1. The Communications Coordinator assists the Secretary, especially in matters of communication and website coordination
  2. The Communications Coordinator maintains and up-to-date list of BIEN’s affiliates on the BIEN website.
  3. The Communications Coordinator maintains regular contact with BIEN’s affiliates.
  4. The Communications Coordinator also attempts to maintain an up-to-date list of non-affiliated organizations dedicated to UBI and attempts to maintain regular contact with them.
  5. The Communications Coordinator is responsible for all parts of BIEN’s website other than Basic Income News. They do not need web skills, but they will oversee any volunteer webmaster to ensure the content of the website is up-to-date and includes all necessary information.
  6. In the term beginning in 2016, the Communications Coordinator shall work with the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer to set up a system for BIEN to take donations over the internet.
  7. The Communications Coordinator oversees the webmaster or any volunteers helping to maintain BIEN’s website.

d. Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer, prior to the General Assembly, submits a draft budgetary report to the Executive Committee. Prior to the General Assembly, the Executive Committee reviews and approves the budget, which will be shared with the members of the General Assembly.
  2. The Treasurer operates a bank account in the name of BIEN.
  3. The Treasurer collects funds due to BIEN and makes payments in accordance with the budget approved by the Executive Committee.
  4. The Treasurer submits interim financial reports annually to the Executive Committee.
  5. The Treasurer maintains all financial records.
  6. The Treasurer is the signer of each check in BIEN’s name unless they are unable to fulfil this duty, in which case the Secretary or one of the co-chairs may perform this role.
  7. The Treasurer is one of the signatories of each contract.
  8. In the term beginning in 2016, the Treasurer is in charge of creating some system for BIEN to take donations over the internet. The Treasurer shall work with the Assistant Secretary and any volunteers to complete this task.

f. Outreach Coordinator

  1. The Outreach Coordinator will work with the Assistant Secretary to maintain and improve BIEN’s relations with our affiliates and with other organizations working on Basic Income.
  2. The Outreach Coordinator works with the Assistant Secretary to maintains regular contact with BIEN’s affiliates.
  3. The Outreach Coordinator works with the Assistant Secretary also attempts to maintain an up-to-date list of non-affiliated organizations dedicated to UBI and attempts to maintain regular contact with them.
  4. The Outreach Coordinator will attempt to create closer ties between BIEN and other organizations to help figure out how we and they can help each other.
  5. The expertise required are skills with coordination and facilitation, an interest in connecting people together, someone who has experience organizing with diverse groups/stakeholders, and knowledge of country-level basic income networks

g. News Editors (three or four)

  1. The News Editors write news and other content for Basic Income News and the BIEN Newsflash.
  2. The News Editors are jointly responsible for maintaining BIEN’s mailing list.
  3. The News Editors are jointly responsible both for making sure that Basic Income News is updated daily with timely reports on the news related to basic income around the world and for making sure that the BIEN NewsFlash goes out monthly to BIEN’s mailing list.
  4. The News Editors are jointly responsible for recruiting and training volunteers to ensure they have enough labour to accomplish the tasks assigned to the News Editors.
  5. The News Editors are jointly responsible for setting the policies of Basic Income News and the BIEN NewsFlash. They will work with the volunteers to set these policies. The EC will oversee these policies.
  6. The News Editors work with the assistant secretary and other relevant EC members to oversee BIEN’s website.
  7. The News Editors divide their responsibility as needed among themselves.
  8. The News Editors appoint from among themselves or from among the volunteers they have recruited: a Lead News Editor, a Features Editor, and other specific positions they find necessary.
  1. The Lead News Editor is the main coordinator of all the activities of BIEN’s NewsFlash and of BIEN’s news website, Basic Income News.
  2. The Features Editor (blog editor) of Basic Income News’s Features section, which includes opinion, interviews, book reviews, and anything else other than just-the-facts report.

h. CONFERENCE ORGANIZER (this position is appointed not elected)

  1. The Conference Organizer is appointed by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) as its representative on the EC.
  2. The Conference Organizer coordinates the LOC to ensure a successful Congress and make periodic reports to the EC on progress.
  3. The Conference Organizer determines the schedule of the conference under the supervision of the EC and LOC.
  4. The Conference Organizer shall make a good-faith effort to attend all meetings of the EC and to participate in all its decision-making, but she cannot be impeached for being unable to attend an EC meeting.
  5. The Local Organizing Committee shall be responsible for the venue of the Congress and for fundraising for the Congress. They may consult and work with the EC on these issues.
  6. The conference organiser shall liaise between the EC and the local committee to promote gender balance, non-discrimination and family-friendly options at congresses