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SWITZERLAND: Future of Work conference videos online

The Future of Work congress was held in Zurich on May 4, 2016 to discuss ways to adjust society in the face of rapid technological change — including, especially, basic income. Britain’s RSA (Royal Society of Arts) has now uploaded a complete video of the conference. Moreover, Neopolis has made videos of particular sessions available on YouTube. Keynote addresses available for online viewing

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Hideaki Nakamura, “Question from Switzerland”

The Swiss referendum has been covered in Japanese media. While some media coverage, especially televised reports, uses the photogenic scenes which were created by Swiss activists, many reports don’t cover the activists’ bottom line message: ‘What would you do if your income were taken care of’. An exception is this short article by Hideaki Nakamura, an editorial writer of the Mainich Newspapers,

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SWITZERLAND: Grundeinkommen für dich to give away crowdsourced basic income

Switzerland’s Grundeinkommen für dich (“Basic income for you”) is about to award the country’s first crowdfunded basic income. The group recently reached (and indeed exceeded) its fundraising goal of 30,000 Swiss francs, and a drawing for the winner will take place on May 17, 2016. One randomly selected individual will then received 2,500 francs per month for the next year. Registration

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