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How Alaska Can Avoid the Third Stage of the Resource Curse (from 2012)

This essay was originally published on Basic Income News in February 2012. The resource curse, as I see it, comes in three different forms. Alaska has avoided the first two, but whether it avoids the third remains to be seen. The first-stage resource curse occurs when resource exports drive up the nation’s exchange rate and drive other industries out of

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Debate over Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend

Alaska’s House of Representatives has passed a bill which sets the state’s annual PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend) at approximately $1,600 per person next year, an amount which has been confirmed after a hard-fought legislative battle over the size of the payment. The PFD, which is funded largely out of oil revenues, has been reduced for the past couple of years

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Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend has no overall effect on employment

Alaska’s provision of regular, unconditional income to its inhabitants has had no overall effect on employment, a recent study has found. The Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), provided by the Alaskan government to all citizens who apply for it, currently stands at approximately $2000 per person per year. The authors of the study have indicated that, although this seems a small

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Research depository

  This research depository is in the early stages of development. The aim is to make available research that has not appeared as BIEN Congress papers (which will be found on the main ‘research’ page of the website). The easiest way to discover material on subjects of interest is always to use the ‘search’ function at the top of each

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United States: CQ releases basic income research compilation

Congressional Quarterly (CQ) has published a research paper on basic income (BI) that explains its universal popularity due to automation growth estimates worldwide. The CQ Researcher covers everything from Scott Santens’ crowdfunded self-financing mechanism to U.S. ex-President Obama’s belief that the debate may last 10 to 20 years.   The 21-page research paper, written by London freelancer Sara Glazer, includes

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United States: Alaska citizen’s monthly payment means recipients work more, not less

Despite endorsing a larger carbon footprint for Alaska, the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD payment, according to a survey released last week, of one thousand employees), encouraged only one per cent of recipients to work less. Perhaps the oldest, continuous, Basic Income-like social program is the Alaska PFD, going since the 1980s and currently paying every adult citizen $2,072 annually. Last year’s

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