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GLASGOW, SCOTLAND: Ailsa McKay Memorial Lecture by Philippe Van Parijs

BIEN co-founder Philippe Van Parijs will deliver the second annual Ailsa McKay Memorial Lecture at Glasgow Caledonian University. The lecture will be based on his new book, Basic Income: A radical proposal for a free society and a sane economy.

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Philippe van Parijs, “Basic Income And Social Democracy”

In a recent article for Social Europe, Philippe van Parijs — philosopher, social scientist, and co-founder of the Basic Income Earth Network — urges social democrats to (re-)introduce the basic income as part of their agenda. Along the way, he addresses several popular misunderstandings that have tended to make those on the left wary of the idea of providing all adults

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Philippe Van Parijs, “The Eurodividend: Why the EU should introduce a basic income for all”

PUBLISHER’S SUMMARY: ‘Philippe Van Parijs argues for a basic income for all legal residents of the European Union to be financed by Value Added Tax. Unlike the US, the EU lacks automatic inter-state transfers and migration between states is much less common. A universal basic income would serve as a buffering mechanism and enable a stronger recovery from economic downturns. It would also

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